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         Christian Education/Formation Consultant   



                                  Wool Gathering

                                            Where Do I Go from Here? A Spiritual Gifts Exploration

                                                      Labyrinth  (with 25' canvas labyrinth)

                  Tired of Being Driven? Sin Bravely!

                            'Specially For Women (can be done with or without a Tai Chi/Qi Gong component)

          Storytelling (parables and traditional stories revisited) 

                               Og on the Ark


                                          The Lost Sheep

                                                               The Woman and the Lost Coin

                                                     The Prodigal Son       

                                               A Tail of a Cat  

                                  Three Trees (with illustrations) 

                          The Legend of the Dogwood (with illustration) 


          Quiet Days

                               Praying with Colors and LOTS of other things

                                     Tell Me the Stories of Jesus

                    Come Emanuel (just right for Advent) 

                            Labyrinth (with 25' canvas labyrinth)

                                        Don't Keep Christ in Christmas  

            Just Plain Storytelling  (storytelling with traditional, comtemporary, Bible, folk, original) 

      Wheel Go 'round in Circles  (Mandalas and Prayer)



                                                "Get your hands dirty” how-to's

                          When Less is SO MUCH MORE!

                                                             Low budget? No Budget? No Problem!

                                 Pack Rats of the World Unite! 

                                                                 Taking Faith Home

                                                        puppets, puppets, PUPPETS  (using hand and finger puppets)

                                           A Bounty of Beads (Anglican prayer beads, gratitude beads)

          Dramas with and for Kids

                                    A Whale of a Tail (Jonah and the Big Fish)

                        Now, How Did that Get Here? The Golden Calf)

                                        SSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssss (In the Garden of Eden)

                                                 Brendan the Naviagator (with wind, ocean, dolphin kites)

                            Please, Mr. Pharoah, We Just Wanna Go (Moses and the Exodus)

              The Chicken's Not Done Yet (Shadrach, Meschak and Abedigo)

                                  Rufus's Quest (an environmental tale with hand puppets)

                     Epiphany Pageants

                                         Mardi Gras celebrations


This is what I can do for you  

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